5 Interesting Features Of Jacksonville

{flickr|100|campaign} Jacksonville offers not only many business opportunities but vacation opportunities as well. No wonder many people are visiting the place to unwind, cool down, or simply do business. Facts and attributes about Jacksonville which are interesting are:

It promotes a healthy environment for business

Jacksonville has opportunities for business ventures and a nice setting. It has been reported that many companies have either expanded or moved to Jacksonville because of its supportive government, as well as infrastructure and commercial developments. This locale has come to be a transportation hub for raw materials and merchandise that are carried by planes, trucks and trains. The progressing city also offers a sound cost of living as well as pleasant climate attracting more investors.

Superb hotels

Whether you’re coming to Jacksonville for business or merely pleasure, there are a number of hotels from which you can choose. The hotels are able to rent certain services to you, like the Jacksonville limo, car, fun, and other hiatus rentals you could want for your visit. The Holiday Inn in Bayswater is one of the most distinguished hotels within Jacksonsville for the convenient location, latest amenities and unsurpassed service. It’s right near the downtown, beach, shopping centers and dining establishments, not to mention the business district. Amelia Island’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel is Jacksonville’s finest hotel and can be the perfect place to conduct business and/or the perfect place to chill out for a few days.

Relaxing nature parks and gardens

Jacksonville is maintaining ecological balance and is making progress on modern lines. Many parks have splendid nature views to relax in. Friendship Park and Fountain near the Museum of Science and History gives you a splendid view of St. Johns River. As you sit at the many picnic tables and seating areas in this lovely place, you can simply stare at the view, watch the shooting waters of the grand fountain, or simply relax in the fresh breezes blowing from the park. Kathryn Abbey Hannah Park is also great for families, combining the relaxing sands of Florida, a lake, and camp sites for better enjoyment. Finally, there is Metropolitan Park in Jacksonville, where many concerts, festivals, and other special events are held. It is located along St. Johns River also featuring a kid’s play area and picnic tables.

Recreational hot spots

Jacksonville does not have an impressive theme park, but it makes up for this deficiency through various recreational centers that offer more than enough entertainment options, which can be enjoyed by people from all age groups. The theme parks Adventure Landing in Blanding Boulevard and Adventure Landing and Shipwreck Island Water Park at the Beach Boulevard are very popular. Some of the activities that you’ll find here include laser tag, roller coasters, a water park, themed golf, batting cages and many others.

Jacksonville is home to some of the East coast’s widest and most stunning stretches of beaches

Lastly, you can enjoy widely spread sand beaches, with relaxing cool breezes in Jacksonville There are three distinct shores among the many you can visit,Neptune,Atlantic and Jacksonville beaches. Another thing is that restaurants are close to the beaches for the convenience of your vacation.

Although Jacksonville is humble, it could be the right getaway for you, for work or play.
Why deprive your self of economic and social needs, go to where the simple rewarding things are.