5 Hour Energy Short Facts


5-Hour Energy drink shot practically started the whole energy shot industry. This energy shot comes in a 2 oz bottle. It delivers a quick, moderate punch and energy that lasts up to about two hours, and it does not have the downfall of the crash from regular energy drinks. It is one of the energy drink shots that does not disclose its caffeine content. It is believed that it contains a total of approximately 80 mg of caffeine which makes it a moderate impact shot. It comes in different flavors and also offers a Decaf version, which frankly somewhat defeats the purpose of an energy drink shot. Its flavor is often perceived as medicinal. Its popularity is resulted from the fact that it was the first successful product in its division and also the fact that it is a moderate impact shot that has very little after effects and is therefore perceived as a healthier alternative to other energy drink shots.

Reviewers are mixed on the merits of energy drinks in general, but 5-Hour Energy is better-rated than most. It has no sugar, no herbal stimulants and moderate caffeine (about as much as a cup of coffee). In addition to the caffeine, the energy boost is provided by a mix of amino acids and vitamins, including an enormous amount of B12. Bloggers like the kick, although some customer reviews say they felt jittery after drinking 5-Hour Energy, which comes in a two-ounce shot. As for taste, the orange flavor seems to be the best liked. But overall, reviewers say other energy drinks taste better, including BooKoo Energy Punch (*est. $ 2.10 for 16 ounces). BooKoo has far more calories (240) and contains 58 grams of sugar, however. Well if you are going for taste then go with the canned drinks if you want energy and to stay health then choose 5 Hour Energy.