5 Effective Ways To Increase Email Marketing Open Rates


The first step to getting more sales via email marketing is getting people to open their emails. When a business using email marketing learns how to increase open rates, their resulting sales will improve dramatically. Although discovering more effective ways to increase email open rates sounds like a highly technical issue, it is actually more about learning how to make some common sense decisions.

Here are five important variables to consider:

1. Your subject line is crucial to your success.

The more compelling your subject line, the higher your open rate will be. When deciding which emails to open and which to delete, readers will only open those that resonate with their interests and evoke their curiosity. The subject line should make a promise that appeals to their identified interests, motivate them to take action, or excite curiosity about a new possibility.

2. Create more attractive emails.

This can include look-and-feel issues like using HTML, adding images that highlight and accentuate your message, and adding the right color scheme. The idea here is that your email should look more like a friendly newsletter offering valuable information rather than just another sales pitch.

3. Write more exciting content.

Ultimately, content alone is what determines the value of your emails. People will want to open your emails if they have had positive experiences with your previous emails. Emails that have high quality content are interesting, informative, and even entertaining. Good content should tell a story, unfold details about how something works, or describe a way a reader can have more money, success, love, health, or happiness.

4. Use call to action statements toward the close of your email.

You might even consider adding call to action “click here” graphic buttons. It’s great that your emails are attractive, and it’s even better that they are interesting, informative, and entertaining, but it is absolutely essential that your readers feel an urge to check out your offer by clicking on your call to action link or button.

5. Timing.

Sometimes emails don’t get opened because they either come too frequently, too infrequently, or during the wrong times of the day. In order to perfect the art of timing, you will have to review different studies offered by marketers on the optimum delivery rate and the optimum time of the day. Most studies seem to suggest around 10.00am is an optimum time for delivery of a mailshot. Users will often check their mail in the morning and will have deleted any unwanted junk mail already by 10.00am which means new emails that arrive will get noticed and opened more often.

While it is well worth spending time studying strategies on how to improve open rates as well as going over the statistical information offered by other marketers, each market has its unique variables. In addition, the relationship you have built with your subscribers will also determine open rates. Ultimately, split testing on all these five variables will give you the best results.