5 Characteristics You Need to Have to Make Money Blogging


I am sure every blogger out there wonders how they can pull it off and make it as the next pro blogger. The heights of blogging success are surely appealing to many. It can be disappointing always being behind the shadows and as humans, we all crave success.

Becoming the next big thing in the blogging fraternity may not be that easy, but with the right attitude and the get up and go, you can make it.

I have listed some of the things you characteristics you need to have before you grace the glamor and glitz of blogging.

Patience- Most important. Blogging takes time to produce viable results. That is why you have heard it said that if you are in it for the sake of money, you are wasting your time. There are easier ways to make money than blogging. You need something that inspires the next blog post and trust me, it is not money.
Persistence– In your first year of blogging you will meet with so many lows such that you question whether you will succeed. Giving up or working your way through the murky waters is what distinguishes between those who make it and those who fail miserably.
Indifference to success– Got your first paycheck and think you’ve made it? You need to think better. Most of us slacken our effort on the experience of a little success. But if you want to succeed you have to keep on going on even when you are raking in some good income. Working hard is what keeps it coming, if you grow lazy your source may just dry up.
Ability to handle negative comments and criticism-They are the first real measure of blogging success. If you are not getting any then you are still in the ‘safe waters’ and timid to try the deep. When you get negative comments do not delete them. Remember controversy can bring debate and consequently traffic.
Community building– You can do this by encouraging your readers to comment. Usually when we comment we come back to see what the others think. Having forums and also allowing guest posts from readers can build a strong community around your blog.

Making money blogging can be easy if you know what you are doing. However, it can be elusive if you don’t know the basics. You can still pull it of though if you are willing to learn.