4 Wheel Walker


Walkers are mobility aids that can help seniors as well as anyone with walking, balance, or strength issues. Purchasing a 4 wheel walker for yourself or someone else can seem like a daunting task. You want the user to stay safe but also have a way to effectively move around. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to choose just one. There are several aspects to consider when shopping for wheeled walkers. Below are the most common considerations to make when deciding which walker to purchase.




The height of wheeled walkers is very important. If the handles are too low for a person to reach comfortably, back pain from stooping over may result with use. Most come with an adjustable height feature so they can be customized to fit the user comfortably.




You also want the 4 wheel walker that you choose to be fairly lightweight. This makes it easier to transport as well as put into and remove from a vehicle. A folding feature is also nice to make it more compact for travel. Be sure that the foldable walkers are always secured locked when open to prevent falls or injuries.




The width of the wheeled walkers you look at will generally be the same. Some brands may offer a slight variation that is more narrow or wider. Just ensure that the person using it can fit between the handles comfortably as they walk. It’s also a good idea to think about the hallways in the person’s home and choose a width according to those measurements.


Wheel Size


It is recommended that the wheel walkers you are considering have a wheel size of eight inches or more. Larger wheels will make it easier to push the walker while outside or on uneven ground.




Overall quality of the walker is important for a few different reasons. You don’t want to risk buying a walker that has been put together poorly and will not completely support the person walking with it. Also, you want your investment to be worth the price you paid, so choose a walker that is well built with quality materials that will last.




A seat is optional for a walker, but it may come in handy if the person cannot walk for long periods of time. The seat should be positioned at a level where the user can sit down comfortably and still have their feet touching the ground.


Considering these six aspects of a 4 wheel walker will help you make the right decisions. Review popular brands by searching on the internet for feedback from other customers. People love to share their opinions with others, especially when they have had a bad experience. Above all, make sure the one you purchase will be comfortable for the person using it.