4 Business to Business Email Marketing Do’s and Don’ts


By nature, business to business email marketing is of course going to be different than direct to consumer marketing. Businesses have their own perspective on certain issues, as well as their own needs and wants. If you try a one size fits all approach, you’ll see that the result of your email campaign was not what you were hoping for. Follow these do’s and don’ts for business to business email marketing for increased success.
1. Do show some personality – Just because you’re talking to another business, doesn’t mean you have to pretend you have a completely nonexistent personality. A little bit of personality and a friendly, lively tone can go a long way towards converting a lead or a prospect into a customer.
2. Don’t send too many messages – Small business owners and other employees have a short amount of time to sort through their messages, and probably have stricter than normal SPAM controls. Don’t send too many messages in too short of a period of a time. Space out your messages and make them all count for more.
3. Don’t forget about cost savings – Nothing is more important in business to business email marketing than showing how you can save another business some money. It all comes down to the bottom line, so make sure you clearly provide a way for them to improve their own figures.
4. Do send your messages at the right time – Not carefully planning when you send out messages for your email campaigns is a major mistake. Studies consistently show that the first half of the week sees better response rates than the second half of the week. Taking things a bit farther for this B2B email marketing approach, and you’ll also want to align your messages to coincide with budgeting times so your clients can quickly allot the money for purchases and OK them through.
B2B email marketing is just like anything else, with the right amount of focus, dedication and customization you can turn your struggling campaign into a winner.