4 Article Ideas PROVEN To Create Tons of Traffic in EVERY Niche Under the Sun (No Joke)


Who else is struggling to come up with NEW ideas to drive traffic to their site, offer or service? Are you sick and tired of struggling with writers block….or idea logjam or have you simply LOST your marketing mojo, momentum or content marketing magic? If so…..the simple ideas below are guaranteed to guide you come up with creative, compelling and “kick ass” contents with elegant and expeditious ease.

I use these in my own business everyday….and these exact ideas have helped me hook millions of readers, in a diverse cross section of niches, and if you apply them, they’ll work EQUALLY as well for you, I promise! Are you ready? Read on as we take a closer look immediately below:

Challenge: Get your readers involved. Encourage, excite and implore people to take ACTION, very specific actions with your content. For example – years ago I used a “CHALLENGE” style resource box in a previously poor performing article marketing campaign. Rather than telling them to simply click here for more infos……I challenged them to join in an event – a community competition that I hadn’t even yet created. (oops!) But once the click through rate started pushing 50% to my surprise…and people started to participate on the blog – I created the challenge.

Confession: Everyone likes a good confession, especially those of us who didn’t grow up having to do it every week in Church. Personal insight, personal experience, and often personal angst, when shared in the context of a coaching moment or to shine a bright and illuminating light on overcoming an problems or challenge is a great way to bond with other individual. You can be humble….and human, yet still HEROICally helpful, and there is no better path to bond with others than to share dreams, fears, challenges and the high hurdles we ALL want to leapfrog to get where we are now or want to be in beyond.

Collaborative: Quite simply, SHARE the love. Create collaborative content with other folks in your niche, your market, your industry……your CLOSEST competitor, it doesn’t really matter who….there is POWER in pairs, and you can often take someone else’s trust, existing authority and credibility, in combination with YOUR contents and marketing expertise to create a win/win scenario for both of you. (again, you can take any of the above elements to make this exponentially much powerful – and you’ll be amazed at just how many people you may love, or respect at a distance, who would be willing to “lend” you their brand for a collaborative content constructing project that benefits your communities

Comedy: Be entertaining, funny, engaging and don’t take it all so seriously. Create content that takes a lighthearted look at an industry, at an idea, and you’ll often influence and persuade people in imaginative ways that actually feels better to boot. Comedic content is cool…..and if you can pull it off, making people happy and putting a silly, unexpected smile on someone’s face is the best way to bond with the people. James Carville, he is the CONTROVERSIAL political pundit, said a few months ago, prior to a debate he had with Anne Coulter here at a New Jersey casino – if I can make them laugh five or six times tonight, and make them THINK once or twice, I’ll know I’ve won them over. On a personal note….NOTHING bores me more to tears that reading self aggrandizing, self important soliloquy on specious topics (like Email Marketing, for example) than super serious, solemn small minded silliness that so many individual take WAY too seriously. If it’s NOT death……or taxes……it can be smiled at – and if you’re strong enough to be funny – you’re content will kick ass continuously, I promise.