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10 , Jan 28, sources said, due to poor sales , has been
Camp high hopes for 32-inch plasma TV has been the public manufacturers to “abandoned” in the first-line market has been difficult to find traces of the city.

Subsequently, the three capital
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Chain stores, confirmed the news. Beijing Gome Chief Operating Officer, said Qian Jing, has no 32-inch plasma TV in the sale; Zhaorui Jie, general manager of Dazhong Electronics, said, the only remaining medium and large system
32-inch plasma TV; Beijing Suning relevant responsible person said that Beijing Suning 32-inch plasma TV had no goods, leaving only a few Taiwan stock machine, and no purchase plan.

Had been high hopes

2007 7 months, this should be the
As the domestic industry, the three month off-season TV commercial Hisense, Haier, Changhong Group launched 32-inch plasma TV and exceptionally busy because of very simple
Electronic break the plasma “can not do small” detention?? Mass production 32-inch plasma panel.

That time, 32
The hot main models are doing my part, once occupied half of LCD TV sales, far more than 37,40 and other large-screen LCD TV. Hope that through the plasma camp segmentation model LCD TV main cake, reverse the plasma in order to achieve the strategic objectives of the overall weakness.

Small size, relatively low prices have also created a 32-inch plasma TV in the short-lived glory, with statistics agency said the first half of 2008 32-inch plasma has occupied 40% of the plasma TV market share.

LCD 32-inch plasma low smash attack

32-inch plasma TV, once launched on being questioned, the first 32-inch plasma 852 480 resolution, and LCD TV’s resolution of 1366 768 compared to the gap is too large to be acceptable; second comparison was the price of 32-inch LCD TV, 32 inch plasma’s price advantage is not obvious. “The introduction of 32-inch plasma more just a gesture, that ‘the plasma can also be a small'”, some experts such a comment.

2008 years, with the
LCD panel
Avalanche falling prices, 32-inch LCD TV prices as low as 3,000 yuan pulled within a 32-inch plasma TV at this time on the same size LCD TV price advantage has disappeared, “delisting is just a matter of time”, a liquid crystal TV producer says senior.

China Video Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Hao Yabin, TV camp beginning on the wrong competitive weapon: “The advantage is in large plasma screen, 32 plasma TV had pushed the time just to and
Competition for market share, but the 32-inch plasma TV’s cost is not higher than the 32-inch LCD TV. “

Long-term follow-up study of a senior expert in the field of flat panel display also said the 32-inch plasma “doomed , if the market as originally expected, PDP field boss why Panasonic has not set foot in; look at LG’s official website, in this once in charge of pushing 32-inch plasma panel business official online now difficult to find traces of 32-inch plasma TV. ” Eric Hernandez Signature PDP All-Maple Piccolo Snare Drums

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