3 Top Tips For A Successful Press Conference

{flickr|100|campaign} For a new company, a product launch or the latest exciting news that needs to be shouted about, press conferences have become an important way of getting the word out about a company’s latest news story. Whether it’s a local feature or a national blockbuster, a press conference is a powerful way of channelling a company’s news through the relevant channels to ensure maximum exposure.

Preparation is the key to making a successful press conference, and this guide will help you to make the most of what can be an important opportunity to get your message out to the world.

Choose Your Speakers Carefully And Brief Them Appropriately

Whatever news it is that you want the world to know about, it is the people that tell the story that will make the biggest impression. It would be easier to let a well trained marketing professional take the press conference, but often the expectant press will want individuals close to the news story to say their piece. There should be a marketing or communications person there to coordinate the event, but speakers should be those close to the story in order to give an informed opinion on what is being announced. By having an authoritative voice on your panel, you will improve your chances of the journalists turning up and your story being featured.

Select An Appropriate Location

The location you choose for your press conference should be appropriate for the numbers of journalists attending and what their needs will be. Choose the size of the location according to the size of your announcement, and if you don’t have the appropriate room on site, look into hotels and conference centres that might give you the space you need. Also, your story stands more of a chance if journalists can report it back quickly, so make sure your location has the right facilities. A high standard of WiFi should be a given, and if you are expecting a radio presence then having an ISDN connection will mean they can report live from your conference. Select a location that will make life as quick and easy for reporters as possible.

Spend Time On Your Press Pack

A press pack can often be something of an afterthought but this can be a vitally important tool for generating interest. You wouldn’t give a customer a brochure that had been knocked up in 5 minutes and this same logic should be applied to the press pack. Make sure it is well presented and contains everything that might be appropriate for the occasion. Make sure the press release that accompanies the conference is included, as well as any relevant background information, relevant contacts and a list of quotes from anyone associated with the announcement.

Promotional gifts can also be an important part of a press pack as they can give journalists an important reminder of your company in the future. Reporters are always looking for individuals and businesses to give a reaction to breaking stories, and by giving journalists a reminder of your company you may well be investing in potentially free publicity in the future, turning yourselves into an industry authority. Promotional gifts such as promotional pens, flash drives and desk items are all practical, meaning they stand a chance of being used frequently and providing a daily reminder of your company and improving the chances of you being featured in the future.

The key to a successful press conference is in the preparation. Think what will make life as easy as possible for journalists and you’re on the right road to getting your message out there.