3 Tools For blogger To make Professional blog | Beginner Bloggers | episode #11

3 Tools For blogger To make Professional blog | Beginner Bloggers | episode #11

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Hello, Guys I am Back Again With Another Great Blogger Video…

21+ Essential Free Blogging Tools
WordPress. Yes, there are other blogging platforms and some of them may be easier for new computer users and non-techies to use. …
Gmail. I have many email addresses which all automatically send to my Gmail email account. …
Google Analytics. …
MailChimp. …
Evernote. …
My Hours. …
FlipBook Plugin for WordPress. …

Earn More Money From blog ( adsence )…..
These resources and software are the best blogging tools for beginners and beyond to help drive traffic and monetize your blog. They are what we use to make six-figures with our blogs.

Best blogging tools for beginners and beyond to help you save time, money, and headaches with software, plugins, blogging resources, and other blog tips! #blogtips #createandgoSave

Some are free.
Some are paid.
All are awesome.
When Lauren and I started blogging, we tried every blogging tool, software, gimik, webinar, launch, and hoenanny you could think of.

It was a time of learning and mistakes, and it was 100% necessary for our business.

Thankfully for you, during that time we learned a lot about what makes a good blogging tool and what does not.

The following is the best of the best from what we found in the growing and creating of our successful health and fitness blog, Avocadu.com.

These are not only the best blogging tools that we use personally for our blogs but also what many of our fellow successful bloggers use as well.

We have broken down the best blogging tools into the following categories:






Blog Hosting Tools

Bluehost ($2.75 per month)

I’ve tried Siteground, Hostgator, GoDaddy, and Bluehost when it comes to blogging. Often my websites were constantly crashing and on the fritz from the influx of traffic we had. Moving to Bluehost ended up being on of the smarter decisions we made. It’s…

Fast – Blogs have a need for speed that Bluehost provides.
Affordable – $2.75 a month? I don’t think I can buy a latte for that these days. Note that this is a special discount that Bluehost has given us and is only available through our link!
Makes it EASY set up WordPress – Bluehost and WordPress are like best buddies, and they have an easy step-by-step system for setting up your blog. It’s so simple I showed people how to do it in 10 minutes. Trust me, the more basic the concept this is as a new blogger, the better off you will be!
Comes with a free domain name.
Customer support is fast and reliable – I like the fact I can get on the phone with a native English speaker when things are not working. Other customer support teams are helpful, but it’s not every day that I can just call someone for help.

Other Best Blogging Tools

Dropbox (Free)

It’s by far the best solution for storing, sharing, and cross-editing files with team members. Let’s say that you want to hire a copywriter to create an amazing sales page for your new product, “The Mom Drone.”

This new drone is designed to follow your child around when you’re gone and hover over their shoulder so you don’t have to. 😉 You have hundreds of megabytes of photos, videos, and files about your product, but have no way to share this information seamlessly with your new copywriter.

With Dropbox, you can easily open up a new file/folder with this person and share all relevant images and files with them so they can easily access everything. Plus, anything else you add will notify them in case you want to make changes. This is the beauty of Dropbox.

We personally use this blogging tool every day as dropbox syncs with the files on our computers. I write an article on Word, place it in our Create and Go Articles folder within Dropbox, and Lauren easily accesses it and makes the content beautiful and blog-ready. Check out Dropbox.

It’s free if you use less than 1TB of data.

Pro-tip: Compress images and PDFs before uploading to save space.

Flux (Free)

Y’all, Being a health and wellness blogger, I am always thinking about the impact blogging makes on my health. One of the problems with using the computer late at night is the interference with the hormone melatonin.

Melatonin specifically is regulated by light and was designed to work with the sun. When the sun goes down, your levels of melatonin are supposed to raise up signally to the body that it’s time for sleep.

Unfortunately, the artificial lights we use in our life (especially staring into a computer), disrupt this hormone and greatly disrupt the quality of our sleep.

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