3 Tips To Writing Effective Google AdWords Ads

.tags Boost Your AdWords Ad Conversions Through Improved Copywriting

Google AdWords has, for many businesses, been the perfect advertising weapon of mass competitor destruction. You can take the three techniques for writing great Google AdWords, and when you’re done you can login to your account and make it happen.

Surgical feedback about your AdWords ad performance is critical, and that is exactly what you get with ad performance testing. Indeed, the only way to make intelligent choices for improvement with your ads is through testing. Failing to perform split testing on your ads is nothing less than saying you’re happy with the money you’re currently making. So just accept that this is something that needs to be done, and resign yourself to doing it. Testing actually will improve your writing skills, and the more you do all of the above – the more money you’ll make with PPC. Never have extraneous words in your ads because they do not contribute effectively. Unnecessary words will prevent your ad from becoming all it can be because you won’t have room for more effective copy. When somebody reads your ad, they should be able to get the message instantly and it should make them want to take action. Due to the severe lack of ad space any PPC platform gives you, it really just forces you to learn how to write good ads in the way we have talked about.

You can test anything you want in any order you want, but we recommend optimizing your headline because once you do, then you’ll have more people reading your ad. Don’t forget, the more you go through this process you’ll also see improvements with your conversions and confidence. How do you know how well your ads are performing? You’ll calculate the conversion rates using the CTR. You can easily know which ad is outperforming the other by using conversion rates.

When you split test your ads, you’ll have two ads that will rotate and test against each other. The more impressions you do during the test, the higher sampling you will get and your data will be more accurate. You can also study the ads of your competitors in your market and others.