3 Tips to Increase Your Coaching Business Using Video Marketing


As a Coaching Professional, your content is your primary product. The Workshop or Seminar you conduct is a huge part of the flow of education for your clients, and of income for your business. The decision to market using video is a smart one, but how do you maximize the exposure you’ll receive from your free, trial, paid, and subscriber videos? This article will help you understand the benefits of video marketing, and some tactics for making the most of every minute of camera time you put in.

– Video marketing is a great way to gain exposure for your business, but it’s also a great way to introduce your prospective clients to your personality, and the core values you carry into a coaching relationship. The short videos people post on video sites like YouTube are a great way to introduce people to your personality, and with a little SEO, they can be wonderful vehicles for traffic back to your site. It’s as simple as uploading a transcription of the video onto YouTube’s server, with timestamps, and allowing the search engines to crawl your content, producing more views, increased traffic, and more relevant traffic.

– Your workshops and seminars are also great fodder for YouTube snippets. Seeing you live can influence your prospects far greater than a scripted intro video, plus, it allows them to choose the topics they wish to cover, based on the search engine results. YouTube has an option they can choose to start the video at the keyword they searched for, and when they want more, they can go back and watch the whole thing.

– If your content is mostly audio, you still have plenty of content for video marketing. You just need to get transcripts, produce a nice PowerPoint to go along with the snippet, and then, with the increased traffic, you can use the snippet as an introduction to the entire class. When people purchase the class, you provide the transcription as well, and you are then able to ask more money for the class, without actually having done more work.

Coaching as a business can be fun, rewarding, and challenging. Use video marketing to help you promote your business, so you can spend more time doing what you do, which is helping your clients, and less time marketing for clients.