3 Successful Blogging Tips | ArtistHustle TV Episode 5

3 Successful Blogging Tips | ArtistHustle TV Episode 5

http://artisthustle.com Debbie-Ann Shaw, Founder & Owner at Artist Hustle. In this video, you will learn 3 Successful Blogging Tips for Musicians.

Question #1 What should I write about on my blog?
Answer: Focus on 1-2 topics that you feel strongly about or want to master and stick to that. The most successful blogs focus on bring the best value to a niche that their audience cares about. Once your community grows, then you can write about variety of content for the general audience.

Question #2 How do I market my blog?
Answer: Create various pathways to it. Find blogs and websites that will post links to you blog. Tell everyone that you know that you have a blog. Get involved in your community and post your blog content on relevant sites and online forums.

Question #3 How do I build relationships with bloggers?
Answer: Send your material to them. Post helpful comments on their blog. Follow and connect with blogger on social media. Let them see what you have to offer.

If you’re new to blogging, start with the small-medium size bloggers first. These blogs are more likely to read and possibly respond back to you about your content. Always remember to give value content up front.

Build your audience 1 person at a time. Never copy someone else voice for your blog. Find your own voice. Remember this is your blog and not another copy version of another popular blog online.

BONUS Tip: The most successful blogs are consistent and actively engages to their audiences needs and wants.

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