3 Simple Ways to Drive Facebook Traffic to Your Website

3 Simple Ways to Drive Facebook Traffic to Your Website

3 Simple Ways to Drive Facebook Traffic to Your Website – http://www.antoniorthompson.com/3-simple-ways-to-drive-facebook-traffic-to-your-website

If you’ve been on my Facebook Fan Page, you’ll notice that I have over 11,000 raving fans. Pretty awesome right.

Having a big and thriving Facebook fan base is definitely an assets, but in order to get the most value out of your fan base you need them to get to your home base – Your Blog or Website. You must drive Facebook traffic to your website.

Most business owners don’t focus on how to increase website traffic or are unsure about how to drive Facebook traffic to website. In order to generate leads and in the end generate real profits, this is a must.


For most of us, a blog or business website is where the majority of our leads and sells occur. And that means traffic has to flow in both directions: to social media, and back to your site. I often advise people how to build an audience on social media. The next logical question is, now that you have an audience, how do you bring them back to your main hub?

Below are 3 Simple Ways to Drive Facebook Traffic to Your Website.

Tip #1: Include Your Website or Blog in the “About” Box

This might sound elementary, but it is probably the most-overlooked way to drive social media traffic to your website. It’s very simple and easy to fix.

As of now, there’s only one place on your Facebook Fan Page where you can actually have a clickable link. It is in the left-hand column “About” box. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of space to play with. You want to make sure your short description isn’t too long that your link isn’t buried, and visible to only fans who click “more” or not at al.

I have a brief description and a quick call-to-action to my website.

Tip #2: Seduce Your Viewer

Women are very good at this. 🙂

But as a business owner, if you want to increase website traffic and drive more Facebook traffic, you need to entice people to click through to your content. Without a good reason, most people won’t leave Facebook to go to your blog to visit your website.

Whenever I share a blog post on my social media sites—and this goes for Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Facebook—I don’t just copy and paste a link. And I don’t use a third-party tool to post the blog link for me.

Instead, I use the opportunity to create an enticing and seducing post that people will want to click and read more. To do that, you want to create a little bit of curiosity, and get your viewer thinking……. “Hmmmm…I’ve got to know more about this”

Before you post and to guarantee high click-through rates, ask yourself, what is in it for the reader? Make sure your posts are for your target audience and you give them a solution, a simpler way to do something, or top-secret info on a little-known fact. Creating some anticipation is a good thing in social media. Just make sure you deliver!

Tip #3:  Use Video

Now that you’ve mastered the art of the seduction, now you can take the same concept to increase Facebook traffic to your website with VIDEO.

Don’t tense up. Don’t run away.

It is much easier than it sounds to use video to drive more Facebook traffic to your website.

There’s no need for professional lighting or sound or camera. You can simply use your phone and create a very short video that entices and seduces your Facebook fans to click through and read a particular blog post, download a document or click over to your sales page.

The best reason to use video, especially on your Facebook page is that it gets more engagement than any other posts and more importantly people tend to respond in higher numbers to photos and videos.  You can also take this post and share it on YouTube, Twitter, Google+ and anywhere else that makes sense for your audience and increase your social media traffic.

That’s it. 3 very simple, cost-effective ways to drive Facebook traffic to Your Website.

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