3 Forum Marketing Tips to Help You Succeed


Forum marketing is one of those unique and highly effective methods that does work; it’s nothing new and does have some unique requirements for effectiveness. Today you’re in great luck because we have 3 excellent approaches for capturing highly targeted traffic using forum marketing techniques.

It’s important to have things in order and properly organized before getting started; what you’ll be doing is only targeting those forums containing your niche. If you’re not highly experienced with using search engines, then the thing to do is use your keywords, for your niche, plus the word ‘forum’ in the search field. You absolutely do not want to use a forum only because of size and activity, you need to only use those forums that are targeted. Marketing to a large forum, but one in which your audience is very low in numbers, is like targeting the wrong keywords in PPC advertising – it doesn’t work. So it’s almost always pretty simple to see what market any forum is catering to, and you can go from there. If you’re dealing with a sub-niche, then you may have to do additional market analysis before going too far. Don’t fall for the quantity over quality lure because a lot of times that just doesn’t pay off. Sometimes you can easily get away with targeting a wide, general audience if your product or service has general appeal. One example of a wide appeal to a general audience would be something like a free MP3 player, etc. It’s really not difficult at all to do forum marketing, but it needs some intelligent thought behind it – just like all forms of marketing. Avoid looking at other members as a source of income, and rather create the mindset that you’re building positive relationships. It’s relationships, perception, and leverage; and when you get it right with a large forum containing a targeted audience, then it will be powerful. It’s also important that you support the other members, when appropriate, as well as the forum, itself. There are a number of ways you can showcase your support for the forum. Not everyone will always have a great day, and if someone is rude then assess the situation but be sure to remain calm about it, etc. Situations arise in forums just like in normal life because you’re dealing with people, so just try to stay professional and courteous. There are many successful partnerships that have been created through forums, which is why you should always try to see forums as a real event where you participate regularly.

You’ll need to write your signature so people will be interested and want to click through; it’s much like a classified or PPC ad. Don’t be afraid to test, and do be sure to put a call to action statement, phrase, or word. Don’t use excessive wording, and be powerful and compelling.

Forum marketing is very powerful for many reasons, but you should always conduct tests and experiments to increase your results. There is tons of available targeted traffic within the right forums, so it’s only smart to take advantage of it. There is nothing wrong with experimenting, but it is really important that you don’t violate any rules so you don’t get banned.

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