3 Email Marketing Tips For Baby Boomers Who Want an Early Retirement


You are a baby boomer who has just realized your retirement income is pretty much gone. You decide that it is time to test out this Internet Marketing deal everyone is talking about. Then after months of trying to make an extra income online you realize that without an email list, there is nobody to market to. These three email opt-in list building tips will help you build that email opt in list fast.

1) Set Up A Joint Venture Teleseminar. Setting up a JV teleseminar is one of the fastest and easiest ways to build your subscriber list. When setting up a teleseminar, you just pick out a profitable niche and begin approaching Joint Venture prospects to see if they would be interested in being interviewed on your teleseminar. You can set your Teleseminar series to be as many weeks long as you have JV partners willing to be interviewed.

A Joint Venture Teleseminar is also a great way to begin making money right away. You can have your JV partner sell their product during the interview through your affiliate link. This gives you some instant income to help you get ready for the next interview. You can also re-purpose the interview into a autoresponder series or a product so that you and your JV partner continue to earn money from that one interview.

2) Write Articles. Writing articles is another way that you can build your opt-in list rather quickly. Simply write and submit an article every day relating to the niche that you are marketing too. Try to keep your articles at least 350 words and with a keyword saturation of about 2 percent. I would recommend that you write one article every day and submit it to a website like EzineArticles. In your resource box add a link to your email opt in form telling your readers to opt in for more great tips.

3) Write a Press Release. While writing and submitting a Press release is a little more work, the pay off is almost instant. If you write a Press Release that grabs the attention of the news agencies, your release can end up in front of a lot of potential subscribers. Try to add topics to your Press Release that are related to what is happening in the news that particular week. Just being able to get people to relate to your story will skyrocket your list of subscribers

If you follow these three simple tips you will see your email list steadily grow and your subscribers will gladly recommend other people to your newsletter.