3 Day Blogging How-To For the Aspiring Blogger


Starting a blog is nowhere near difficult but creating a successful blog may be another story for you. An excellent blogging how-to should tell you all the basics you will need to become successful blogging. As I like to get straight to the point here is a quick how-to to help jumpstart your blogging success.

Blogging How-To: Day 1- Choose a Topic To blog about

Blogging about the right topic will be the first criteria in knowing if you will succeed or not. You should choose a topic that you will feel comfortable blogging about and have some knowledge on.

Sit down and write down the things that truly interest you in life. Take that list and break it down to 3 topics of interest. Once you have 3 topics you could see yourself blogging about then pick 1 that you feel will be a great start. You will keep the other 2 topics on the backburner until you decide to create another blog.

Now that you have a topic you should make a search for other blogs that are blogging about the same topic. In doing this you will get a good feel about what is being talked about and what kinds of things you should be offer to your readers

Blogging How-To: Day 2 – Getting your blog set up and launching it live on the internet

Now that you have a topic you would like to blog about you will want to get started blogging. There are many platforms to blog with but I feel the best ones are WordPress or Blogger Blogs. They’re both free and excellent blogging platforms to use.

There are two options presented to you whenever you are choosing a platform to blog with. You can either host your blog free on their site or you can spend a little bit of change and host your blog on your own site. If you want maximum flexibility with your blog then I advise you set up your own hosting.

Now sign up at one these sites and get your blog customize your blog in the way you see fit. There are many themes to choose from and theme are somewhat important but remember what you blog about is what is more important so don’t spend days deciding on a decent theme.

Now that you have a blog set up write your first post. Congratulations, you have made your first post!

Blogging How-To: Day 3 – Loading up your blog with excellent content

You have made you first post now it is time to continue to make posts and load up your blog with excellent content. Remember what you write about is truly important. You will want to model other successful bloggers in your topic but adding in your own originality to make it unique.

It is important that you post to your blog and comment on other relevant blogs regularly. This will help create a presence for your blog in the ever growing blogosphere.

If you find yourself having trouble creating new post then you can simply take a look at what people have been posting then rewrite it in your own words. In doing so you should put your own unique spin on it to make it fresh.