3 Crazy Ways to Make Money Online


Chances are you’ve heard of just about every way there is to make money on the Internet. But some people think outside the box when coming up with ways to make money online. Here are 3 wacky ways people have come up with to earn money from the Internet.

Crazy Business #1. Uploading music to other people’s iPods. I guess even with today’s technology, some people still can not learn how to upload music to their own iPod. I saw a story a while back about a woman in New York who started a business doing just that…uploading music to people’s iPods. Apparently she’s so successful at it that she had to hire three employees. The story said that she pulled in about $ 100,000 per year in sales. This is simply amazing to me!

Crazy Business #2. Domain picker. Yeah, you heard right. There’s a service out there that does nothing other than pick domains for people and businesses. You send them $ 50 and tell them what kind of domain you’re looking for. They then send you a list of domain names. Pretty clever huh? According to the story in the paper, the guy has no problem keeping busy with companies and individuals needing a domain name. Go figure.

Crazy Business #3. A guy who’s hobby was pickling started his own home based business by experimenting with Family pickling recipes. He whipped up the recipes in his own Kitchen. He then gave away these wildly flavored pickled items to his friends to see which ones they like. He’s taken his business online and one report states that his business has increased by 200%!

These are just a few examples of thinking outside the box when it comes to making money online. It just goes to show you that you don’t have to follow the same path as everyone else! So what kind of wacked out ways to make money can you come up with?