26 Things That Effect Your eBay Sales and Cassini Search Results Optimization

26 Things That Effect Your eBay Sales and Cassini Search Results Optimization

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In this video, I share 26 Factors that I know efecct your eBay sales.

First, it is important to understand the difference between direct and indirect factors. Direct factors are things that eBay calculated into its Cassini search engine algorithm. Indirecct factors are factors that effecct buyer behavior but are not part of cassini itself.

1) Titles – The Keywords used in your titles should be keywords that people are searching for related to your item
2) Titles – Your title should be unique as well and stand out from your competition
3) The Main photo of the eBay listing (First thing buyer sees)
4) The quantity of photos in the listing
5) The price of your item VS your competition
6) The price of your item in general. If it is low, ($20) it is easier to produce sales. If it is high ($200) it is harder to produce sales.
7) Fast N Free Logo from a handling time + shipping time = to 4 day delivery
8) Feedback % on your account (minor effect)
9) Feedback QTY on your account (minor effect)
10) Top Rated Seller Status
11) QTY available
12) QTY sold
13) Urgency (when buyer thinks the item will sell out)
14) Opted into Guarenteed Delivery
15) Free Returns Logo
16) Presencec of Competition or Lack of competition
17) Subtitles (minor)
18) Bold Titles (minor)
19) Large Photo (minor)
20) Shipping Speed
21) Item Location
22) Item Description (minor)
23) Item Specifics
24) eBay Category
25) Promotions and Sales
26) eBay Store Browsing

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