2018 USBC Team USA Trials – Round 5 (men)

2018 USBC Team USA Trials – Round 5 (men)

Watch the men’s final round of the 2018 USBC Team USA Trials from The Orleans in Las Vegas.

Live Scoring: http://orleans.meriq.com/scoring.asp?alley=159&showdate=3606

Lane Assignments: http://scores.bowl.com/2018TeamUSATrials/laneassignmentsmen5.pdf

Round 5 overall standings: http://scores.bowl.com/2018TeamUSATrials/mensoverall5.pdf

Round 5 daily standings: http://scores.bowl.com/2018TeamUSATrials/mensdaily5.pdf

Round 5 U.S. Amateur standings: http://scores.bowl.com/2018TeamUSATrials/mensusam5.pdf

Lane Condition: http://scores.bowl.com/2018TeamUSATrials/lanepatternmenday5.pdf

For more information, visit http://www.BOWL.com/TeamUSATrials.

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