2009 Wimbledon Championship Predictions


Are you a major tennis lover like me? Is it true that you crave watching professional tennis matches and live for the tennis grand slam tournaments? How about Wimbledon? Wimbledon provides beautiful green grass tennis courts and it is the oldest, most storied and most cherished grand slam tournament in tennis.

I guess it is safe for me to gamble that you are highly looking forward to watching the Wimbledon tournament in 2009. I will discuss who I believe will win the Wimbledon tournament this year.

I will first discuss the women’s side. I believe the tennis player who possesses the premier shot at winning Wimbledon in 2009 on the ladies’ side is Venus Williams. One reason is she possesses tremendous strength and a powerful serve, which are two characteristics that are very important for helping a player to win a tournament that features grass courts such as Wimbledon. Another reason is Venus is extremely dominant at Wimbledon and she has won the majority of her grand slam titles there.

I believe the tennis player who has the second best shot at winning Wimbledon this year on the ladies’ side is Venus’ sister, Serena. Although Serena is very strong and possesses a very quick serve like her sister and is a few years younger than she is, Venus is still playing at a very high level and she has held an edge against Serena at Wimbledon.

We will now discuss the men’s side. In my book, Roger Federer is the favorite to win the Wimbledon title in 2009. He can hit the ball with plenty of power and spin and he can create special angles when hitting the ball. It is said that he is a genius with the racket. Another thing he has going for him is he stays mentally strong throughout long matches and can get inside an opponent’s head. He can come back and win after losing the first two sets of a best-of-five match. He almost always prevails in the deciding fifth set. Winning set tie breaker games is his forte and he can serve aces in those crucial situations. Finally, he tends to play his best tennis in finals and he has the most success playing on grass courts.

I think Rafael Nadal is the second favorite to win this year. He is the only player who can match Federer at making magical shots and he has the youth and speed to run down Federer’s corner shots; furthermore, he has won 13 of his 19 matches against Federer and he has developed the ability to win big events on grass and hard courts like Federer. Nadal is catching up to Federer at Wimbledon. He lost to Federer in four sets in 2006, lost to him in five sets in 2007 and beat him in a five-set marathon last year.

Federer seems to be enduring a microscopic decline in his late twenties but he should win this year. He still plays at a very high level; he is still very good and intimidating and he knows he must step up a notch and win two more grand slam titles quickly to pass Pete Sampras’ mark of 14 while he is still relatively young. Look for him to succeed as his hunger exceeds his greatness.