2009 China (dongguan) International Industrial Exhibition Ink – Ink, Ink Show-it Industry

.tags Approved by: Guangdong Provincial Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Hall
Organizer: Guangdong Province, printing and packaging trade associations, exhibition, Dortmund, Germany Group Exhibition Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou will be 100 million

Co-organizers: China Ink Network Organizer: Guangzhou Exhibition Co., Ltd. will be more
2009 years “in China (Dongguan) International Ink Industry Exhibition” (hereinafter referred to as CIE2009) will move to the Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center held a larger scale, more perfect service, exhibit better efficiency is panellist Thanks to the industry will be the only way to love. The exhibition display area of 15,000 square meters, is expected to gather more than 300 outstanding from home and abroad and related facilities ink manufacturers, suppliers on the same stage debut. Will fully display the new world of industrial ink equipment, new technologies and new techniques. First-class exhibition facilities, a wealth of group development experience, strong advertising will certainly CIE2009 cast into the first exhibition of Chinese ink!

Enormous opportunities to create brilliant Currently Guangdong has more than 14,700 printing enterprises, employing nearly 50 million, Hong Kong, a total of more than 4,800 printing enterprises, many of the larger printing businesses in Shenzhen in the Pearl River Delta, especially around plants. Printing industry in Guangdong and Hong Kong’s GDP reached 800 billion yuan and an annual 15-20 percent growth rate. Hong Kong and Dongguan, Shenzhen, increasing economic integration, to include Hong Kong, Macao, including the Greater Pearl River Delta, has gradually developed into an international printing center. Dongguan, Shenzhen, with its policy advantages of the printing industry and the adjacent Hong Kong and Macao’s geographical advantages, has become a set of non-printing color desktop publishing, digital printing, color printing equipment, printed materials and other high tech application industry as a whole. While the new technology, new equipment and extensive use of new materials, but also to the Pearl River Delta in the printing and packaging design level far ahead of domestic counterparts. At present, many domestic and grade printing and packaging products, in particular, about 70% of color printing products in Dongguan Shenzhen print. Matched with the printing ink has been formed in Guangdong, a huge market space.

Powerful combination resource integration Organizers based on the basis of market demand, constantly enriched and improved exhibition platform, and strive to provide more business opportunities. After 8 years of effort, the organizers have already accumulated in the printing and packaging industry, a huge data. With the gradual increase CIE2009 appeal more authority within the industry have come to the show will be the lead country of the ink industry, the military together to CIE2009. 2009, we pay more attention to high-end strategic partners, industry integration of resources and professional development audience channels, through these efforts continue to show the brand to a firm, to strengthen. CIE2009 more special exhibition by the German group, printing and packaging industry association in Guangdong Province, Guangzhou Exhibition Co., Ltd. will be 100 million three-strong alliance, the parties intended to be integrated printing and packaging industry resources, give full play to their strengths, expand publicity and co-organized purchasing group and preparations for trade. A complementary, interactive, mutually beneficial, win-win platform for international cooperation in ink. Positioned as the first exhibition ink, CIE2009 heritage and development will continue to show previous good reputation and rich exhibition of resources, adherence to the “create high-quality exhibition platform for customers to create more business opportunities,” the idea, and strive for the development of the industry to do their 1 copies of strength for the exhibitors and visitors a more convenient set up an international high-end business platform.

Quality buyers Organizing Committee set up 20 people

Promotion Department, by phone, fax, email, mail, professional magazine website, the popular press, advertising signs, radio, television and other channels show ads published information, the organizing committee plans to domestic and foreign companies sent 20,000 copies of invitations, 50,000 copies of invitations, 250,000 tickets. Key invited to the Pearl River Delta in South China region, particularly in the printing, color printing plant, carton factory, packing plant, paper factory, screen printing plant, printing plant, screen printing, paper mills, as well as electronics, toys, textiles, clothing and other related professionals who are approaching exhibition. At the same time we invite the industry’s manufacturers, Proxy , Dealers and other professionals to be.