10 Tips to Improve Your Blog Instantly


A blog is super powerful – it’s like a business card, seminar, and resume wrapped in one. People get everything they need to know about you out of a handful of posts and then they ask you to keep sending info to them. I love my blog and it’s been of the single most fantastic tools in my IM toolbox. Here are 10 tips to help you master your own blog quicker and more efficiently.

1.Link to Other Sites – Start using links within your posts to add value. The more you link to other highly ranked, related sites, the greater chance that you’ll get pingbacks or links from those sites.

2.Focus On Your Blog – If you have multiple small projects that are detracting from your blog and not resulting in profit, put them on hold and focus on what will work.

3.Go Interactive – Start using more interactive tools like video, podcasts, and images in every posts. The more you can share of yourself with your readers, the more attached they’ll become.

4.Interview People – Find high level people in your niche with a lot to offer and interview them. You can do this in text form or on video or podcast. You can also ask them for guest posts to drum up readership.

5.Respond to Comments in Posts – If you receive a lot of comments on your blog posts, respond to them as quickly as possible. You don’t have to respond to every comment, but at least one or two a day will show readers you’re on there, checking what they have to say.

6.Customize the Look – Pay for a designer to produce a custom graphic for your header. You may even have a custom theme created for your blog to help it stand out.

7.Spice Up the Content – Get more creative with you content. If your readers are drifting away from how-top posts, consider tossing in some content with polls, videos, or lots of links to keep them active.

8.Use Series and Memes – A series of posts on a given topic can not only help bring back readers to continue, but will garner more links from outside sources. Find topics in your niche that you can write about at length.

9.Guest Posting – I’ve mentioned guest posting a few times before. It’s a powerful way to generate readership from other sites and helps with your Page Rank. However, you first need to create relationships with those other blog owners.

10.Link to and from Other Bloggers – Have a full blogroll and take advantage of it. Contact people for more details on how to get on their blogroll as well.

Hopefully this gives you a good jump start on your blog makeover. There are dozens of other tips that can help instantly improve the quality of your blog. The same idea holds true through them all though – content is number one. Never sacrifice that truth for efficiency or quantity.

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