10 Tips for Blogging Effectively


Blogging should be an ongoing part of the social media marketing strategy for every business, no matter what industry you are in. But maintaining a blog takes time and commitment, and you should have something to show for your efforts. Below are 10 tips to maximize the effectiveness of your blog for creating traffic, engaging your audience, and ultimately finding new customers.

– Keep your objective in mind. Why are you in business and how are you trying to serve your target audience? Be sure the majority of your posts address that objective.
– Be sure you are using your company’s domain for your blog, not a stand-alone site. This will maximize the positive effect on search engine rankings for your website.
– Keep your target audience top of mind always. What do they want to hear/learn/share/comment on? Most posts should be about your audience – their concerns, problems issues; not about your company, your products, or you.
– Know your best keywords and tags, but don’t be a slave to them.
– Repurpose your content to leverage your time and maximize both your online reach and “findability” Use syndicators to post your blog, create articles out of your posts and submit them to article publishing aggregators and sites for maximum reach.
– Use each bullet point in your blog post as a separate social media entry for the best leverage.
– Remember the secret sauce of social media is to “connect, create, and engage”. Use your blog to reach out to others on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, invite comments there. Do your best to invite dialogue, and respond to any comments on your blog to keep the conversation going. In fact, you should be spending as much time engaging as creating content.
– Be sure to market your blog. Leave comments on other blogs in your niche leaving valuable content, link to your blog in your email signature, list your blog on your business cards, add your blog URL to your LinkedIn profile, add the link to your letterhead (if you still use letterhead!) and any collateral you produce.
– Mix it up with interesting visuals and audios; videos (yours or others’), audio files of interviews or podcasts, pictures, fun graphics. All text = boring, so keep it engaging.

If you think you have no time to blog, think again. The benefits to your audience, your search rankings, and your brand all point to the fact that this is a MUST DO for every business.