10 Steps: How To Get Your Music On Blogs | ArtistHustle TV Episode 115

10 Steps: How To Get Your Music On Blogs | ArtistHustle TV Episode 115

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10 Steps: How To Get Your Music Featured On Blogs. In this video, you will learn how to get on blogs and how musicians can get featured on blogs. These are tips to remember when reaching out and submitting to blogs for your music.

1. Research on your favorite music blogs and noticed what music is featured
2. Start small and target small to medium blogs to build up buzz
3. Create a database of blogs and people who you want to contact
4. Build a relationship with the blogger before you send out a request
5. Put keywords in your email subject line (blog name or editor)
6. Inside your email, provide all details upfront (links, social media, etc)
7. Tell the blogger about yourself but keep it short and simple
8. Include a professional cover art that is large and high quality
9. Once your music has been featured on the blog, share and promote the links
10. Use those blog features to help you book shows and other opportunities

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