10 Rules All Royal Family Members NEED TO FOLLOW From Birth

10 Rules All Royal Family Members NEED TO FOLLOW From Birth

10 Crazy rules all members of the Royal Family must follow.
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When it comes to family rules and regulations, some families are definitely stricter than others. You thought you had it bad when your parents wouldn’t let you stay out past 10pm or made you do your homework before you were allowed to play? Well, let us introduce you to the British Royal Family. Having ruled England for generations, the royals have lived in a very special world. In fact, part of this world has been built upon a long list of strict and, sometimes, strange rules. No, you find anything about no video games before bed. With the royals, much of the regulations are built around appearance and etiquette. After all, if they didn’t follow all of these hoity-toity rules then they would just be like any other ‘regular’ family – and we can’t have that now, can we?

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