10 Early Signs of a Toxic Relationship

10 Early Signs of a Toxic Relationship

Knowing the early signs of a toxic relationship can save you from a heartbreak later. If you feel like and of these 10 red flags are true for your relationship, it’s time to change something to find a way out of the vicious love circle.
If you absolutely can’t stop thinking about someone and if your mood depends entirely on whether or not they called or texted you today, then you might be prone to having unhealthy emotional dependence on others. After meeting someone who gives you butterflies, wait for some time until you cool off to see how you feel. At the beginning of any new relationship, it’s important to listen more than speak, and the key is to listen carefully. When someone throws in “warnings”, they actually mean (maybe even subconsciously) that they don’t think you’re right for them. People who genuinely want to be with you will always try to show themselves from their best side.
Your friends might notice something that you don’t and keep you from getting yourself into a toxic relationship. If your partner doesn’t want to meet your friends and relatives, this is a big red flag.
If you suddenly catch yourself doing something you never would’ve done before starting the relationship just because your partner pressured you into it, then this is a bad sign.
It’s pretty common to want to spend all of your time with your new partner. But it’s important to acknowledge the fact that time spent apart is also valuable. Leave some healthy space between you and your beloved if you don’t want to get real tired of each other real fast.


You immediately think you’ve found the love of your life. 0:42
You idealize your partner too much. 1:17
You neglect friends to please your partner. 1:56
You abandon your hobbies. 2:44
You turn a blind eye to alarming signals. 3:17
You relentlessly trust the opinion of your partner. 3:55
You get crazy jealous over every little thing. 4:35
You can’t stand it when your partner isn’t around. 5:17
You justify your partner’s terrible behavior. 6:15
You just can’t say “no”. 6:58
Bonus: what to do when your emotions are about to take over 7:28

-If you find yourself falling crazy in love with someone you don’t really know that well, take a break every few days to be on your own and do something to distract yourself from thinking about this person.
-If a person casually says something like, “I’m not the easiest person live with,” pay attention. They’re most likely giving you a heads up about their true selves.
-It’s better to introduce your partner to your friends early on than to stop seeing them when you enter a new relationship.
-Don’t make a new boyfriend or girlfriend the center of your universe. A new love interest should add something to your life, not take away anything that was already there.
-Pay attention to any gut feelings, doubts, and suspicions you may have. If something about your partner’s behavior seems disturbing to you, don’t hesitate to address the issue right away.
-It’s okay to make genuine changes to your opinions and viewpoints if that’s how you really feel, but blindly agreeing with everything your partner says is a big “no-no”.
-Think if the reasons for your jealousy really exist or are they just a figment of your imagination. Unfortunate experiences in the past or a fear of being “forever alone” shouldn’t affect your present.
-Acknowledge the fact that time spent apart is also valuable. Remember that there are things you can (and sometimes even have to) do on your own.
-If you’re so blindly in love that you ignore the important flaws, like unforgivable behavior towards you or others, you’ve got yourself a problem.
-Don’t hesitate to refuse invitations to events that don’t interest you or don’t fit your schedule. And definitely don’t accept requests that you feel are inappropriate.
-Don’t blame your emotional state on your loved one. Don’t obsess over what your partner is doing or overanalyze what their words or actions mean. Create an “internal observer” within yourself.

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