10 Blogging Mistakes You’ll Make When Starting a Blog

10 Blogging Mistakes You’ll Make When Starting a Blog

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In this video I cover my top 10 blogging mistakes. Now, I actually don’t recommend you start a blog. Blogs are for people who can write and are living some change they want to see in the world. But if you think you have what it takes to build a highly profitable blog that here are the 10 blogging mistakes you’ll make when starting a blog:

1) You’re not willing to share your “real” story. You refuse to make your writing vulnerable. You also tend to copy other bloggers too much instead of being authentically you.

2) Your branding matters. Take time to get the name right! You don’t need the *perfect* name of course, but an acceptable name is better that a bad one. Case in point is websitecreativepro.com. It’s a good name. Is it the best? No, but it works. My first website however was called super awesome dating, that is type of name that actually hurts your chances of being successful online.

3) Don’t spend too much time on your design. I get it, you want something unique. That is a good idea, but don’t over do it spending all your time on design. For a blog, content and great writing are what matters.

4) Get your hosting right. People either spend too much or too little. If you’re just starting out, you’ll need a shared host. I always suggest Host Gator, Blue Host or Siteground.

5) Learn and apply. Emphasis on apply. Too many just become information junkies. What are you doing now that you did not do a year ago? If you’re doing the same exact stuff, you’ve yet to level up and that’s a problem!

6) Keep track of things. Who you’re in contact with, links, revenue and expenses. You should know your burn rate and how much your earning month to month.

7) Not building a traffic source away from Google. Look, most of your traffic will come from Google. But you’re crazy to simply rely on only Google. You need to learn how to leverage other platforms like YouTube or Pintrest as a way to build traffic. With any blog or website, you’ll always have only 2 major sources of traffic and then a whole bunch of smaller traffic sources.

8) You quit too soon or keep at a project that is clearly not working. Blogging takes 6 months to start see some growth and at least a year before you have an audience. If you’ve been blogging for a year and you’re still at 80 visitors a day QUIT or change what you’re doing because it’s not working.

9) You don’t put in the hours. Yea, you can’t build a business if you only work on it 5 hours a week. If you’re spending more time playing video games or watching tv/YouTube don’t come asking me why you’re not successful yet.

10) You don’t know how to write!

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