10 Best Free Blog Writing Tips


Today, blogs on the internet are as common as email. Indeed, email and blogs share many of the same purposes: provide information, spread ideas, or promote online business. Originally, however, blogs served as journals or online diaries. While many blogs today still serve this function, many have taken on a significant business dimension.

Undeniably, blogging has become an essential internet marketing tool, especially for salesmen that offer product recommendations and reviews. For this reason, how to write a blog has taken on a significant importance. It is a sure fact that poorly written blogs are not successful. And it is an even more important fact that successful blogs have the potential to be highly lucrative and popular. To this end, I have found ten essential techniques to writing blogs.  

1.) Keep blog posts to 100-200 words written in article form. Remember that readers lose interest in a blog post after 200 words.  

2.) Think about your audience; do research on how well-known your niche is to your readers. You don’t want a blog that is on a topic so obscure that you will only attract a few regular readers.  

3.) Write in a conversational, light tone. Be sure to write your blog as if you were talking to the reader face to face.  

4.) Write about interesting topics. Be entertaining and informative, while also supplying useful information.  

5.) Make sure your blog site is well designed; avoid flashy, distracting colors and details.

6.) Always include links in your blog, either to some product you’re promoting or to some kind of useful resource.  

7.) Not only should you use critical search engine keywords in your blog title, but also use them in your blog post for maximum search engine optimization exposure.  

8.) If you’re trying to make money with your blog, your blog has to be very specific; You must choose your niche and stick rigorously to it. For example, instead of trying to sell all kinds of laser levels, sell a specific type, like a rotary laser level. You want to minimize the competition.  

9.) Proofread your written work at least two times. There’s nothing worse than finding a piece of writing with a goldmine of information but is impossible to read because of grammatical errors and poor writing.  

10.) Submit your post everywhere: social sites, ezines, other blog sites, and newspaper sites…yes, newspapers now have free blog posts!  

With these ten tips, you should be well on your way to writing a successful blog. But remember, a great blog isn’t anything without traffic. Driving traffic to your blog is very much like driving traffic to a business website. Use search engine optimization, article marketing, Web 2.0, even pay-per-click advertising if appropriate. For blogs, know that social networking and bookmarking (Web 2.0) is especially powerful since you get opportunities for getting backlinks, which search engines love. You want your blog to get as much search engine attention as possible.